NCTE 103rd Annual Convention – November 2013

(Re)Inventing the Future of English
NCTE 103rd Annual Convention
November 21-24, 2013
Boston, Massachusetts

O, Brave New World: Transmediating Shakespeare in the 21st Century
Mary Ellen Dakin, Allison Giordano Casper, Althea Terenzi, Matthew Despres
Sunday, Nov. 24, 2013

In this session, we argue that if you teach students to read Shakespeare in triplicate, as complex early modern print text and as the blueprint for theater and film productions, the literacy skills required to comprehend media texts will transfer to and transform students’ understanding of literary texts.

For digital copies of handouts distributed at this session, click on these links:

Shakespeare’s Triangle with Text
Focused Viewing Chart
Glossary of Film Terms, Abridged
Transmediation Project
Transmediation Calendar
Transmediation Roles
Transmediation Final Reflection

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